import { version } from "package.json"; - in Jest

gitlab preinstall: It is required to upgrade to the latest 12.10.x version first before proceeding.

I've encountered this error, while trying to upgrade my GitLab-CE version to the new major version.

Arch Linux - Query / Search / Find Installed Packages

How to query/search/find installed packages on arch-linux.

Social Media Detox

Prettier Configuration File - Use Tabs

Create Gnome 3 Desktop Entry / Application Launcher

How to create a desktop application launcher in Gnome 3

Kubernetes Health Monitor - Just plain bash scripting

All these cool K8s kids look down on you writing bash scripts, but look at that!

Vortex Pok3r - Turn off blue LED under Caps Lock?

How to turn off the blue light under the caps key.

Hack - Just Do It - Wallpaper

A gorgeous wallpaper I cobbled together

Install .deb package with debtap in Arch Linux

A quote on money

Nginx Configuration File - Using LetsEncrypt SSL HTTPS Certificates

How to configure nginx with LetsEncrypt SSL HTTPS Certificates.

GitLab - Docker Private Registry - curl tags/list

How to curl (in bash) the tags/list from a self-hosted private GitLab Docker Registry

Replace string with string in bash

How to replace a string within a string in pure bash.


How to fix ERR_SPDY_PROTOCOL_ERROR in Google Chrome

How can I split up a Git commit buried in history?

Ever wanted to split up a Git commit buried deep in the history?

(Neo)Vim - Spell Check

How to use the incredible good spell-checker of (Neo)Vim.

ttygif - Error: WINDOWID environment variable was empty

How to fix this annoyance that ttygif spits out lately.

Bash - Check if command is available / installed

How to check if a command is available in bash.

Samsung SA11 Laptop Windows 10 Pro

Keeps crashing with black screen after installation and reboot? Here's how to fix it.

Choppy Scrolling in iOS iPhone Safari

Git - do xy for each git branch in linux bash

Neovim - no notification handler registered

My favourite Linux software

This is a list of software that I need to have installed on all my Linux workstations.

SCRUM, Agile, Standups - Fuck that noise!

No stand-ups. No planning at regular intervals. No retros. All meetings are optional.

The Bullshit Web

Ever wonder why a high-speed internet connection doesn't always result in high-speed web browsing?

Veganes Bananenbrot

Das einfachste Rezept der Welt fĂŒr das leckerste Bananenbrot der Welt.

Generating a new SSH key

This is a quick sum up on how to generate a SSH key.

Google Chrome - Clear Redirect Cache

How to clear the redirect cache in google chrome

Backup Mastodon Instance (Docker Version)

How to backup your mastodon instance when using docker.

Request Let's Encrypt Certificate via Certbot

Windows 7 - Printer is installed, but nothing prints

Printer is installed, but when trying to print, the print is spooled to the print spooler and then just disappears

BQ Aquaris X5 Plus Root

Updating Mastodon Instance (Docker Version)

Encrypt and decrypt files with a passphrase using GPG

How to encrypt and decrypt files with a passphrase using GPG - the quick and dirty way.

How To Create a New User and Grant Permissions in MySQL

This tutorial will give a short overview of a few of the many options on how to create and grant perms to a user

Best Practices for Shell Scripts

A manifesto for writing shell scripts

How to SSH Tunnel

A quick intro on SSH Tunneling.

CSS Media Queries

A quick intro on CSS Media Queries.

Install Arch Linux via commandline interface

This is a quick mockup of what I need to do, when installing Arch Linux via the CLI

Super Evil New Tab: Random Background Image from Array

This is a quick example on how to get a random background image from a pre-defined JavaScript array.

Arte.TV Video Downloader Tampermonkey Greasemonkey Script

A Script to download videos from the site.

Concat files with ffmpeg

How to concat video (avi, mpg, mp4, mkv, ..) or audio (mp3, mpv4, mp4 ogg, ..) files with ffmpeg.

Custom Background Image with Super Evil New Tab for Google Chrome

A guide on how to set up a custom background image with Super Evil New Tab for Google Chrome.

Reading List

This is my reading list.

Raspberry Pi Zero W OpenVPN Server with NoIP Dynamic DNS

How to set up a Raspberry PI Zero W as OpenVPN Server and sync with Dynamic DNS Service.

Super Evil New Tab: Anonymous Autosuggest

A Super Evil New Tab Theme with Autosuggest Functionality

Enable the shared clipboard in VirtualBox

Where is the configuration option for sharing clipboards (copy & paste) between the host OS and the guest OS?

Install ruby gem globally with RVM

How to install a ruby gem with a RVM

Compiling Vim from Source

How to compile Vim from source with all features

Linux CLI: Find files old than x minutes or days

How to find files older than x minutes or days in Linux CLI.

CommonVideo.JS Documentation

This is a collection of examples of the HTML5-Video-Tag-Wrapper I wrote for /

2017-10-06 16:07:15

Warum ich mal wieder WhatsApp deinstalliert habe? Ich möchte Nora ein gutes Vorbild sein, was Datenhygiene im Internet angeht.

Git Handbuch fĂŒr Dummies, wie mich!

Mein eigenes Handbuch fĂŒr Git.

Vortex Pok3r

My two cents on the 60% sized Pok3r PBT Mechanical Keyboard

How to respond to/read exit code in bash

How to respond to/read exit code in bash

Vegane Schoko Cookies

2017-10-04 16:50:06

Und wieder mal ein Social-Sabbatical-Versuch. Auslöser war diesmal das Buch "The Shallows: What the Internet is Doing to Our Brains" von Nicholas Carr. Benutzername Àndern, so gehts NICHT!

Benutzername bei Àndern, das hÀttet ihr wohl gerne; Pustekuchen!

Ausflug zum Drachenfels

Nora BindehautentzĂŒndung - Die Zweite

Die Ritalin DiÀt

30 Day AB-Challenge

Die InformationsdiÀt

Rotate a MP4 file, while preserving codec and quality attributes

Kaffee, Koffein und mein ewiger Kampf

Null Komma Null Null Nix

Ich habe ADHS und meinen MailServer abgeschossen

Die ersten Sonnenstrahlen 2013

Ich mache ein Google+ Sabbatical

Minimalistische Gedanken - Besitz macht unfrei

Ich bin kein Vegetarier mehr

I'm not my code

Ich bin bei Facebook gelöscht

Erster Tag im Kindergarten

Facebook App to Tab Generator

Approaching veggie

Approaching minimalism

Die Fahrt hat 6 Stunden gedauert

Bettkonversation Ka und Marco

4 von 6 DNS Servern der DENIC down

Muttertag 2010