Approaching veggie

I tried multiple times being a veggie before and I failed every single time. Then I viewed a video that was posted on Google+ called Meet Your Meat on Thursday 7 June 2012, and I felt like I am going to vomit and I was so fucking sorry for them that I nearly cried. I can view every fucking horror movie and I am not scared at all and I don't feel uncomfortable at all, but this here is different, because it is real.

After I watched the movie to the end, it was clear to me that I need hard to become a veggie (and later on a vegan) again.

I need to clarify this: I won't be able to go from omnivore to vegan right away, I will do a smooth transition as I started to eat only vegetarian food on Friday, 8 June 2012. There were some moments where I wanted to eat some meat, but all I had to do was just thinking about the the movie "Meet Your Meat" again and the desire was fully gone.

The hardest thing was to tell my family (again) that I'll try to live a veggie life again, because I feared that they won't understand that or just laugh at me - but none of that happened!

I'm not judging people for eating meat, neither do I think I am a better person, because I am trying not to eat meat, it is just that I can't eat meat anymore after watching this movie.