My now page

If you happen to be more interested in a short and precise about page, you might want to head over to

People often ask me what I’m doing now.

Each time I would type out a reply, describing where I’m at, what I’m focused on, and what I’m not.

So earlier this year I added a /now page to my site:

A simple link. Easy to remember. Easy to type.

It’s a nice reminder for myself, when I’m feeling unfocused. A public declaration of priorities.

(If I’m doing something that’s not on my list, is it something I want to add, or something I want to stop?)

It helps me say no, too. When I decline invitations, I point them to that page to let them know it’s not personal.


I'm working with (100% remotely), building a custom Video-Management-System 🎥 for them, which consists of:

This, so far, has really been a fun 🥳 ride 🐎, but it's also really time-consuming ⏳ and exhausting 😴. I work crazy hours per week (16 hour work-days, with min 6 days per week so far) to put everything together 🔧 and keep up with what I promised 🤞.

T-Online Media player

I'm also implementing a VAST4.2 compliant HTML5/JS Videoplayer for them.

So, there's not much room for anything else at the moment.


I'm revisiting Markus Heitz - Die Zerge which is absolutely fabulous and one of my all-time favourite Books/Audiobooks!

In fact, I really love all the books in the series Die Zwerge by Markus Heitz from the bottom of my heart ❤ !


I finished Start with Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action and Leaders Eat Last, which are both really good; like everything from Simon Sinek.

I read through Digital Minimalism: On Living Better with Less Technology, and It's also marvelous!

There are "The Infinite Game from Simon Sinek" and "Walden - Living in the woods" waiting to be read, but I'm quite busy right now.


New Nintendo 2DS XL

Nintendo Switch