Windows 7 - Printer is installed, but nothing prints

Printer is installed, but when trying to print, the print is spooled to the print spooler and then just disappears.

How to fix it

  1. Disconnect the printer if it is connected using a usb cable.
  2. Click on the icon and select All Programs.
  3. Select the HP folder, then select the printer and select Uninstall
  4. Once the uninstall is complete select Devices and Printers
  5. Click on another printer or the Microsoft XPS Document Writer
  6. Click on Printer server properties in the top menu
  7. Choose Drivers in the Installed printer drivers select the printer that was uninstalled in step 3.
  8. Click on Remove and when asked choose Remove driver and driver package and click on ok.
  9. Install the Windows 7 software for the printer.

Everything should be back to normal again.